Your Maine Travel Concierge - A Crooked Steeple Hall Benefit

Crooked Steeple Hall is committed to making your wedding or stay with us as relaxing as possible. All multi-day stays, weddings, or events at Crooked Steeple Hall and the 1812 Pierce House include the complimentary travel planning services of our in-house expert Maine travel concierge, Armanda Davis.

Take the stress out of planning your Maine vacation, wedding, or event. We know you, your friends, and family, want to experience the best that Maine has to offer. By booking with you Crooked Steeple Hall, you can get a Maine travel experience not available anywhere else, without hours of research or getting lost on back country roads! (There is a reason we love the expression “You can’t get there from here.”) When you work with Armanda you can expect the services of a professional travel advisor combined with the knowledge and insight of a local.

After getting to know you and learning about your ideal vacation, Armanda will design an itinerary customized for you, paying very careful attention to detail. From your favorite foods and hobbies to the level of adventure or relaxation you are looking for, each experience is built to meet all your needs and wants. And if you’re looking to step outside your comfort zone a little, that can be arranged too – it’s all about you!

Your Itinerary Includes:

  • Restaurant choices for all meals, along with must-try local flavor suggestions

  • Recommendations for daily activities, excursions, tours, etc.

  • Transportation advice to make getting around easier

Once your Crooked Steeple booking is confirmed, Armanda will be in touch and guide you through your Maine travel planning experience, putting together the perfect recommendations for you. We can’t wait to show you all Maine has to offer!