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Crooked Steeple Hall & The Union Meeting House

The Town of Winterport, Maine is the place we call home. We love the town and it’s unique history and architecture. Part of our mission is to help lift up the community and bring back the vibrant life that filled the town wharfs, docks, and Main Street. Shops and several restaurants currently offer a variety of experiences for visitors, but we know it could be so much more! Winterport residents are working towards building a riverwalk and developing land for the public to easily access the Penobscot River. Involvement in local Winterport organizations remains high, with renewed interest in hosting events right here in Winterport.

As the only large, publicly available building in Winterport with a flexible space, we offer our town’s non-profits the opportunity to use the space, free of charge for events, fundraisers, antique sales, meeting space, and more. Right across the street, the Winterport Union Meeting House is also available for event rentals. We support their mission to preserve the historic character of the meeting house. Hosting your destination wedding or event at Crooked Steeple and using the Winterport Union Meeting House as your ceremony site, helps us support the local community as we participate in its revitalization.

In addition to Winterport non-profits, we also provide free use of the space for one non-profit from outside of the town, per month. We support Maine communities, rural development, and the arts. Nonprofits interested in hosting their events at Crooked Steeple can apply for our local and monthly space grant by visiting our Nonprofit Usage Grant Application page.

Any other questions about our commitment to Winterport? Ask us!