A Crooked Steeple Proposal

We had the opportunity to host an adventurous couple from Minnesota at the Crooked Steeple - and to stage the scene for their proposal!

Set the Scene

We set the scene for the couple - complete with votives set up in a heart shape. My assistants took a lot of pride in the setup and were looking forward to seeing the results! The boys had never witnessed a proposal before, so they were beyond excited to help.

Once the votives were all set up, we added some roses, a bottle of wine from our neighbors at Winterport Winery, and some flowers. A perfect scene for a proposal! Don't you think? We were SO EXCITED to watch, it was hard to focus for the following hours. She had no idea it was coming - she thought they were just on another adventure together.....


Congrats to this lovely couple and thank you for choosing the Crooked Steeple Hall in Winterport, Maine for your proposal!


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