Welcome to Crooked Steeple Hall

The original purchase of Crooked Steeple Hall came in 2013, when I saw a sign on the lawn. It was a 'For Sale By Owner' with only a phone number. I was already co-owner of a property management company and in love with old buildings. This one was singing a siren song to me. This particular building, while originally used as a church, had most recently been a performance hall and music store, Kaler Street Music. Its owners had closed their business and were ready to pass the baton.

What makes one want to purchase an old church building? It was certainly a beautiful building, complete with a typical New England white steeple, stained glass windows, and even a working church bell! The bell was cast in 1872 by Blake & Co, in the same foundry originally owned by Paul Revere. The original church pews and pulpit remained intact. However, history and beauty alone don't always make sense for a business.

While some people, my own family included, saw nothing but a money pit, I saw history, beauty, and potential to once again share this building with others. An apartment in part of the walkout basement helped justify this as a cash-positive venture from the start. I knew that the rental income would help bring in revenue, as the rest of the building was cleaned and renovated over time. What that rest of the building might turn into, was at the time still a mystery. 4 years later, it has crystallized into a strong vision of beautiful weddings and bespoke events, with bookings starting in 2019!

That's a small taste of what has become a 4-year journey, that's still going strong. Keep coming back or subscribe to our blog to hear the rest and see our progress!