Certified Organic Coffee Roasted in Winterport, Maine by Farm House Coffee Roasters

Winterport, Maine is a special place. We are lucky to have so many great small businesses that offer wonderful, locally Maine made products. One of those awesome places is Farm House Coffee Roasters, a micro-roastery owned by Andy Newell. On a recent sunny spring day, he was kind enough to give me a tour of his roasting and distribution facility.

What started as side business in 2016 quickly grew, as word of Andy’s freshly roasted quality spread life wildfire. Farm House only roasts certified Organic Arabica coffee. They are certified Organic by MOFGA.

Andy roasts coffee daily and he will custom roast a blend from medium to dark or in-between. He recently created two custom blends for Crooked Steeple Hall, a medium and a dark. You can enjoy our coffee at both our Crooked Steeple or Pierce House locations.

We’re so happy that Andy is in Winterport and hope that like his coffee as much as we do!