Driftwood Hunting on the Penobscot River in Winterport, Maine

Just steps from the door of Crooked Steeple runs the Penobscot River. You can't swim in the river as it's tidal and the current is quite strong. However, a walk along it edges is highly recommended! You never know what you might come across. Since the Penobscot is one of the oldest traveled rivers by Western Explorers, there are plenty of treasures to find. Starting with the Portuguese explorer Estevan Gómez in 1525, and earlier peoples, the river has been a well traveled.

With the river right outside our door, we recently took the chance to go driftwood hunting. Our driftwood walk brought us many interesting pieces we plan to incorporate in our Crooked Steeple and 1812 Pierce House accommodations. Maine rivers are full of exciting finds! We encourage you to take a walk along the river when you visit. Make sure you pack your muck boots and you're ready to get a little muddy!

To find out more about the Penobscot River and her treasures, check out these resources: